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This page is for the Pastor or the elders of the church.  We made this page so you can get to know our ministry more closer and by doing this - we hope you will have a desire to invite our family to your church.

We know that its very important for the pastor to know - who is coming, what type of music they are singing, what they are preaching about and what else they are going to do... 

We visited a few churches in the past - American churches and Russian speaking churches.

Because of his background, it's easier for Alex to talk Russian than English, but he doesn't use the interpreter.  Alex is an evangelist and though English is not his first language, he prepares his message very carefully, bringing Gospel news to people.  With his messages, he wants to encourage people and bring them closer to God. Also he tells about life of persecution his church went through when he used to live in Former Soviet Union. (We have to be ready for persecution in America too) 

Our family is a SINGING family!  We sing many songs in English and if you would like we can sing in Russian also.

Our children play CHIMES (bells).  We include one or two songs with using chimes.

  (Samples of our songs at video BELOW) 

Our program

(Program may vary)

- Song "What a Day that will be"

- Introduction

- Song

- Chimes Hymn

- Song Trio or family song

- Alex - Testimony

- Song "People need the Lord"

- Song 

- Alex Short Message

- Song - Invitation

For any questions or more information about our family and ministry feel free to contact us:





There is a recommendation letter from our Pastor John Terpstra -

"Calvary Baptist Church" in Barron, WI. You may view it HERE



May the Lord bless you!

We hope that our ministry will encourage many Christians and glorify God!