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Vicki's SWEET 16

Posted 2/8/2017

Vicki is 16 today! A sweet 16th birthday! She is a wonderful, and amazing oldest sister ever. Happy Birthday. We love you soooo much!


     Vicki is the oldest is the family. She is an awesome and amazing sister. A great example! She loves to play the piano and praise God. She just got her drivers' license. She is so excited. We love you Vicki so much.


      You are have an amazing voice and a beautiful talent in music. She helps out in the junior church and plays the digital piano at church too! 


                                        She has a great amazing leadership at organizing events and keeping things straight in their 

places. Again we love you and we are sooooo very grateful for you! 

                     I remember when you had your appendix taken out. I was soooooooooo sad! I am so happy that God kept you safe through all of that. The appendix tragedy! God has a beautiful purpose for your life. Trust Him and May He bless you. 


     Vicki is amazing at making new friends. She is very outspoken and kind to people. We all love you TONS!!!!!

Love you soooo much. Thank you for being a very great sisterly example. I couldn't ask for a better oldest sister! Use you talents for God's glory!


Nelli Savchenko