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Lighthouse Baptist Church - Cottage Grove, MN

Posted 2/13/2017

Another wonderful ministry trip to Lighthouse Baptist Church, in Cottage Grove, MN!

Read all about it here...       


       We packed our bags, and clothes and instruments, and we were off! Off to another wonderful ministry trip. This trip we took was to Lighthouse Baptist Church in Cottage Grove, MN! We were on the road for about 1 1/2 hours... We came and set up our table with our CD's and magnets and went downstairs to eat. They had amazing Valentine decorations and the teens were serving the food! We ate mashed potatoes, gravy, buns and butter, yummy juice, stuffing, and for dessert we had ice cream with some hot pound cake! Very delicious.

       Then we came up-stairs and did our program! Some songs were sung and Alex and Lydia told how they met and some 

persecution stories. We met some wonderful people and made some new friends. We stayed at Pastor Loren Bjokne and his wife LaVonne's house for the night. Thank you for your hospitality.


         The night passed and the sun rose. It was beautiful outside but kind of windy. We had some VERY yummy waffles and some berries and the 

amazing whipped topping. The girls sang some songs so their voices could be ready to sing at the morning service. Once again we packed our bags into the car, and were off to Lighthouse Baptist Church. For 30 minutes they had people practicing with instruments so Vicki joined in with the piano and Alona with her guitar!



    Soon the service started and the program began. WE all sang some hymns and then us kids sang some songs.

       Dad preached a message on John 14:28! About how God tells us to come and He will give us the REAL peace that our weary hearts are longing for. Only Him! It was a good sermon! After the morning service at 11: 20 we split up into classrooms! The teens and youth went into the garage. We learned about how to find verses for different things that people are facing in our day and life like depression, lack of true happiness, lack of true peace and others.


                      We had a wonderful time making friends! The pastor and his wife and some of our other friends, headed over to a Chinese place. YUMMY!! We ate there, talked, laughed, got to know each other better, and said our goodbyes! It was an amazing morning and afternoon! We were on our way again. Back home! 

God bless you and Thank you for your love and support!

Nelli Savchenko