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Jennifer's 5th Birthday

Posted 1/1/2017

Our new year baby sister! Read more about it here.

                      Jennifer, you are a ray of bright sunshine! I love you. Jennifer is such a sweet girl!


                   A  5 year old of course. She was the new years baby 5 years ago. We love her soooo much! Her smiles and expressions, are priceless.


                    She is the baby of the family! She has like a zoo of TY stuffed animals. Like a whole zoo! Jennifer, I love you so much! I am glad that i am your buddy.


      Even though you don't always want to wear the dress I picked out for you for church! 




      Jennifer is our little artist. She loves drawing pictures and coloring. She is the only one that didn't go to school yet. She'll start kindergarten maybe in 1 or 2 years. 


   She stays home with Mom, Vicki, and Alona ( Vicki and Alona are home-schooled)

I love you Jennifer soooo much!

Love, Nelli