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Posted 12/11/2016

We had a great opportunity to visit a church in Eau Claire, WI last Sunday.

        Sunday afternoon, we packed up our stuff and drove over to Evangelical Baptist Church in Eau Claire, WI. It snowed really hard on the way there, but we are very thankful that the Lord kept us safe. Before we leftBefore we left

        This was our first Christmas program this year so we were all very excited and also nervous. We sang lots of Christmas songs and played "Joy to the World" and "Silent Night" with our chimes. After we were done with our program, we ate some yummy supper. Everyone at the church was very warm and welcoming. 

        with the Pastor and his wife...with the Pastor and his wife...        When we walked out the of the church, we saw a breathtaking view. The snow was falling down and it was so beautiful. Truly, our God is an amazing Creator! Thank you for all of your prayers!      -Vicki