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Baby Food Challaenge

Posted 2/17/2017

We had a fun baby food challenge! Our lovely mother prepared it all for us! The whole family did it!The fun laughter and all the pricless face expressions were so fun! Read more to find out the rest. And the pictures too!

   So at the beginning, we had two people who did it together to guess what it was! Mom was in charge so she didn't do the guessing (because she is the one that bought all the baby food)

Dad went with Vova and they had 'banana'Dad went with Vova and they had 'banana'

Dad and Vova had 'banana' - Vova guessed the right one, but Dad thought it was mango

Angelina and Margarita had 'pear' Angelina and Margarita had 'pear'

Angelina and Margarita had 'pear' and neither of them guessed the right one!

Vicki and Katie had 'carrot'Vicki and Katie had 'carrot'

Vicki and Katie got 'carrot' Oh we were all wishing we wouldn't get carrot or sweet potato! Guess who got it right???? KATIE! Vicki thought it was sweet potato! Good try Vicki!

Alona and Janelle got 'peaches'Alona and Janelle got 'peaches'

Alona and Janelle got 'PEACHES' But too bad, neither of them got it! They both answered mango!

Nelli and Jennifer had 'applesauce'Nelli and Jennifer had 'applesauce'

Nelli and Jennifer got the lovely 'applesauce'. And too bad for them too, They also both got it wrong! Nelli with the guess of Banana and Jen with peaches!!!!


Then we all sat down and guessed those five flavors again! Vicki loved the peach and Alona, Oh my, she LOVES the banana one! We used to eat them when we were little! Mom would buy it for the little kids, but we older ones would eat it!

Hee Hee!

Alona eating Banana!!! Her favorite! Ohhhh the taste of YUMMY baby food!Alona eating Banana!!! Her favorite! Ohhhh the taste of YUMMY baby food!




             And Carrots wasn't so good either!








Alona loved the banana, her favorite!         

The accident!!!! The accident!!!!

We had a little mishap! Margarita went and was sooooo eager to eat the peach baby food! She accidentally dropped it and ........it fell and broke!! The cup was glass so guess what??? Glass went scattering on the floor! Well, mistakes happen to everyone and we need to learn from them! We got it all clean up and vacuumed over it like three time!!! it is all clean up now! Great! Thank you for checking out our blog post! I hope you enjoyed it! Come back for more! And check our=t some of our older ones too! Thank you and God bless you!

wrote to you by,

Nelli Savchenko