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Angelina's 11th Birthday

Posted 2/1/2017

Angelina's birthday was here! She turned 11 years old! 

      We had a great birthday party for Angelina! We also remembered some memories about her!

             Wow, Angelina! You are a big girl. Angelina is always with a smile. She can also do what she calls 'the sun is sinking' face.


              Angelina has a good alto voice that God blessed her with! We thank God for you.

                             Angelina will sometimes clean the whole upstairs by herself.
You also have a talent, Use it for God's glory.He loves you a lot and we do to!


         Angelina loves to make the babies in our church smile                                                                  and laugh! She is a very great sis. I love you, 


                                                                     Angelina! Keep on smiling! I love you. We ALL love you.

        May God bless you for the rest of your life! Serve Him forever.

           Love you,

           Nelli Savchenko