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Alona's 15th Birthday

Posted 1/14/2017

It is Alona's birthday! READ MORE ABOUT IT!


          It was Alona's birthday! She turned 15 years old!

          What a great age to be. She is a great sister! She has an amazing talent given to her by God! A beautiful and a talent for playing guitar! Thank you being a great sis!


        We love you. Alona has a thing for cleaning. 





   You'll see her cleaning here and there! Thank you soooo much for all the cleaning you do. God has a great purpose for your life 

ahead of you.  She has a love for puppies and burgers.



      Thank you for being a great helper in everything, and just a great sister!


                                      So with cake, candles, and lots of memories, we had a great birthday                               for alona! We made her go away to another room whole we got                                            prepared. We called her out and sang her a song and threw balloons on her, and gave her, her gifts!





Love you so much,

Nelli Savchenko