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Dear friends and family,

    What moved us to write this -  was that we see that life is flying by and we don’t have a lot of time left as a whole family. Children are growing up so fast and soon will start leaving our “family nest”.

Our oldest daughter Vicki applied to college and is planning to move there next fall of 2019. We understand that this is the reality of life.  That’s why we want to use this coming year doing family ministry as much as we can.


In the last 2.5 years we made more than 30 ministry trips to churches in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We also have a YouTube channel where we see an opportunity to be an outreach to Russian-speaking people. Besides just family vlogs and Q&As, people ask us to record more songs. In order to do that, Alex needs to be home more often, but he, being an over-the-road truck driver, is on the road for five days a week, supporting our family.  As many of you know Alex truck broke down and he is working for another company right now renting their truck.  New job transition is never easy and it's hard when Alex is not home for days and sometimes even 2-3 weeks.  Even when he is at home on some weekends, we hardly can record anything because it takes lots of time.

 We are praying that Alex could take 10 months off this coming year - to spend this time doing 100% ministry on YouTube, recording songs, and visiting churches with our ministry.

 We get invitations to visit Russian speaking churches in different states of United States.  We would like to start our preparation as soon as possible, so in early spring we can visit churches in the Midwest and in the summer churches in the West Coast!  We are planning this to be a 2-3-week ministry trip to visit English and Russian speaking churches.  After this trip Alex will plan to go back to work.


    Please pray for our family and our ministry.

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 Thank you very much for your generosity! May the Lord bless you!


Everyone who will participate in supporting us, we have a small musical thank you gift for you! (November 2018-August 2019)

Gift #1: For your $50 monthly or Total of $500 donation - You would be able to get our CD or be the first one to download our songs

Gift #2:  For your $75 monthly or Total of $750 or more - You will receive our Handmade journal with pictures of our ministry trip + Gifts #1

Gift #3:  For your $100 monthly or Total of $1000 or more - You will receive USB with all our songs in MP3 + Gifts #1, #2

After you made a donation - please contact us via email savchenkofm@gmail.com and write to us -

how much you donated and what method of donation you chose. We would like to thank you for your donation.

If you would like to support our ministry by praying - you may write to us to savchenkofm@gmail.com -

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 Thank you and God bless you!

 Savchenko Alex+Lydia and children